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Soft Drinks | Afridizi

Afridizi carbonated soft drinks come in delightful flavours and compares with the very best that you can find. Bottled in mineral water they are tartrazine free. Our range uses only sugar, no artificial sweeteners, thus there is no bitter aftertaste.
Now available in 250 ml bottles, 500 ml bottles and 2 litre bottles, shrink wrapped in cases of 24 and 6.
We pride ourselves in producing, high-quality soft drinks that are enjoyed by thousands of consumers across the South African continent.

Flavourssoft Drink bottles

Afridizi soft drinks come in the following popular flavours: Cola, Cream Soda, Energy, Ginger Beer, Granadilla, Grape, Lemon, Lemonade, Orange, Rasberry, Soda Water. We have now added 3 new tangy flavours – Mango, Iron Brew and Apple.


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