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Afridiziac | Afridizi Beverages

AFRIDIZIAC EnergyJuice is a range of refreshing 100% fruit juice with the added energy from Caffeine, Taurine and Ginseng. They are available in 4 amazing variants such as Apple, Pomegranate, Litchi and Grape. The various properties of each respective variant are combined so as to ensure an exquisite tasting experience with each refreshing energy infused sip.

There is also a regular energy drink in the stable, which has been branded Afridizi Energy so as to not confuse it with the fruit juice based AFRIDIZIAC EnergyJuice. Afridizi Energy is a standard great tasting energy drink without the fruit juice blend.

Innovation and a passion for high quality products is what drove us to create Afridiziac EnergyJuice, and we are confident you'll enjoy the range as much as we do...

AFRIDIZIAC EnergyJuice is a great tasting and rewarding anytime pick me up, during the day, late at night and perfect morning for that morning after a night on the town! It's ideal for students partying or studying, worn out Mums, drained business executives, or anyone looking for a great tasting natural boost!

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